Alternative rock group

Maxhattan is a NYC alternative rock group.

What are people saying about Maxhattan and the new album "Cats & Dogs"


Really cool record!  I especially like the last track “Fool”.  That chorus is stuck in my head, gonna be repeating that all day.  In fact, I might sing that on my way home from picking my son up from preschool, because some of those other drivers…. Don’t be a fool right now (I might add a curse word at the end lol… but probably not with my son in the back!)

Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter

Record producer & mix engineer


A new sound to my ears, would be a local New York group that goes by the clever name of Maxhattan, if you need a clean zest of expression and freedom, with a stereo to mono playfulness you should definitely check out these guys, not only do they pack the fun in the long run, they have something new and rising. I believe this group is going to go big, From the vocals of Max, to the killer guitar strums being played in the background, this 4 man band have some interest in showing they aren’t afraid of pushing new boundaries or ratherexceed expectations.
Songs like Bright Day are an interesting vibe, It’s something fresh you can feel the strums of guitar touch your feet as they slowly tap to the beat. Groovy good feels aside. This group is pushing an Unorthodox Alternative indie/rock/acoustic style. ‘Come around’ happens to be my favorite song, it gives out the off-roady sound, like you’re about to venture into a paradise.

Check out the band, clear your ears and feel this feel-good music.



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